“I Peoci”: Italy’s most famous mussels

Fried, cooked in white wine, in a nice plate of the so called “linguine” or maybe in a soup: the mussels of Scardovari are a real product of excellence of the Venetian tradition, so much so that they are the first DOP of its kind recognized in Italy. In addition to letting yourself be captivated by the beauties of the territory of the Polesine Rovigo, easily reachable through the southern section of the A31 Valdastico, the opportunity is useful to get to know the community of mussel farmers immersed in the Regional Park of the Po Delta. 70% of the Italian production of mussels, which here are called “Peoci”, comes from this area spread over 12 hectares in the southernmost part of the mouth.

The flavor can transport the palate with elegance and delicacy: the balanced taste is the result of the particular conditions of the waters and of the tidal cycles, capable of providing a high nutritional value, a right balance of proteins and mineral salts. In the restaurants that go towards the tip of the Barricata, it will be possible to taste the many variations which “peoci” are cooked with. The favorite is to serve them fried in a batter of flour, egg and breadcrumbs, accompanied by a glass of an excellent white wine. “Peoci alla Polesana” are accompanied by another great excellence of the territory, the local DOP garlic, always bathed in white wine. Soups, linguine…the variations are many and all rich in taste: mussels are even excellent when raw!

The one conducted in Scardovari is a sustainable and safe mussel farming, where the product must have at least a size of 5 centimeters, and the Consorzio Cooperative Pescatori del Polesine has been applying a precise hand harvesting since the 1930s. Here they perfectly know that working well also means safeguarding the delicate environmental balance of the territory.

All you can do is get to know this reality. Autumn is an ideal time to go horseback riding, go and discover the ancient fishermen's houses or go trekking in the Po Delta of Rovigo. You can discover other secrets about the area by reading our article here.


A land to discover:

Food and wine: Fried mussels, linguine and “peoci alla Polesana”.

History: Almost one hundred years of mussel farming in the Po Delta of Rovigo.

Territory: Excursions in the regional park by boat and bird watching.