Road haulage

Services for hauliers

The company Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova pays particular attention to hauliers. We respect the work of hauliers, which is why we are dedicated to providing them with a tailored service. We are also committed to constantly guaranteeing safety and comfort along our motorway.

Traffic restrictions


On our motorways a ban on overtaking heavy vehicles with an authorized mass of over 12 tons is applied.

This prohibition, appropriately presegnalated with specific signs, is active in both directions, from Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 21.00 in the Vicenza Ovest - Vicenza Est section.

There is an exception to the aforementioned prohibition for the following cases:

  • inputs from the toll booths and service/parking areas in the motorway;
  • for the overtaking of exceptional transports;
  • for queues in the event of accidents or road works.

The ban is temporarily suspended in the Montecchio - Vicenza Ovest section due to the presence of a long-term construction site.



The sections of A4 motorway between Brescia Ovest and Padova est and of A31 motorway between Badia Polesine and Piovene Rocchette are characterized by frequent ups and downs that, in the winter season on the occasion of snowfall and low temperatures, can cause considerable inconvenience to the circulation despite the operations to prevent the phenomena.

Therefore, a special order has been issued which requires, in the aforementioned sections, the use of winter tires or owning snow chains or other approved non-slip systems in the period from 15 November to 15 April. Signs have been installed at the toll gates and along the motorway axis of the two Arteries.


The updated calendar of the ban on commercial vehicles circulation (buses excluded) with a maximum total authorized weight exceeding 7.5t is available.

Download the PDF here

Brescia Est Parking Area

The Brescia Est parking area is in a strategic location: situated at the Brescia Est motorway exit, next to the A4 Motorway (Milan-Venice) and the European Corridors no. 5 and 8, and just a stone’s throw away from the city of Brescia and the airports of Montichiari, Verona and Bergamo. This is the ideal place to rest during long journeys and for compulsory driver breaks.



Exceptional transport

Transport classed as “exceptional” (art. 10 of Italy’s New Highway Code), represent an important part of the transport system as they are widespread and have a big impact on safety and road conditions. The Company has a dedicated department that grants specific authorisations to operators who file requests for exceptional transits or transport along the stretches of motorway and ring roads falling under our responsibility and/or on the interconnected network.


Restrictions (*) on Transit for Exceptional Transport In Force on the A4 Motorway "BS-PD" - A31 Valdastico Nord - Ring roads and Stretches of Motorway Falling Under our Responsibility


Width Other criteria Ban Time Notes
From To
Up to 3,5 m Length < 35m Monday 06:00 10:00 **
Friday 16:00 21:00
Length > 35m From Monday to Friday 06:00 21:00 **
Over 3,5 m   From Monday to Friday 06:00 21:00 **


*In addition to the bans stated on the annual calendar issued by the (Italian) Ministry of Public Works (Italian Decree  Law no. 285 dated 30/04/92). Download the PDF to know the calendar.

**These restrictions also apply to the stretches of the A4 motorway Milan - Brescia, Padua - Venice and on the A21 between Piacenza and Brescia.