Service and rest areas

Service areas

The Company holds a concession for 14 service areas located along its stretch of motorway. All of these areas are equipped with facilities to meet customer requirements in terms of relaxation, refuelling and refreshments.

Rest areas

There are currently six rest areas open along our stretch of motorway. These areas are equipped with rest facilities to enable customers to take a break, and a café or cafeteria.

Fuel prices

In collegamento con il sito del ministero dello sviluppo economico è possibile consultare i prezzi dei carburanti praticati sulla rete autostradale italiana.

I prezzi sono aggiornati direttamente dai gestori. 

Vai ai prezzi carburanti

Parking areas

There are 5 unattended parking areas along the stretch of motorway, one on the A4 between Sirmione and Peschiera - along the eastbound carriageway, and four on the A31 (between the interchange and Vicenza Nord and between Dueville - Thiene).

Car park

The Company, in collaboration with the Federation of Italian Hauliers (“Federazione Autotrasportatori Italiani  - FAI), has created the Brescia Est Parking Facility. This is an ambitious project whose aim is to create rest areas that are equipped to meet the specific needs of hauliers, providing all services necessary for drivers and their vehicles.

Visit the Brescia Est Parking Facility website