"Rofioi", a traditional sweet of Sanguinetto

One of the reasons for taking a trip to discover the town of Sanguinetto, in the south zone of the city of Verona and easily accessible from both the A4 Brescia-Padovs and the southern branch of the A31 Valdastico, is to taste the so called Rofioi.

Here you can taste these delicious fried sweets, made with the recipe that has enchanted travelers' palates for over 150 years. You will be delighted by the very particular taste of their filling, created by a nineteenth century innkeeper, a mix of flavors that come together in this sweetness, made up of amaretti, cedrini, almonds, dry biscuits, sugar, bitter cocoa, milk and liqueurs. All these balanced ingredients  give the Rofioi an inimitable flavor. The name derives from a dialectal transliteration of the word "raviolo".

The Rofioi can be found all year round in the bakeries and pastry shops of this elegant town, but the best opportunity to taste them is the anniversary of September 12th, the day dedicated to the Holy Name of Mary: tradition has it that the night before the Rofioi are hung on the fences of houses so that the children can find them in the morning.

You can follow the web page of the Pro Loco and you will find out how various moments are organized during the year in which it is possible to taste the Rofioi.

However, every occasion is good to get to Sanguinetto: you will discover beauties such as the medieval castle that dominates the town center, its historic theater and the many historic buildings witnessing centuries of contention for this territory by the Venetian and Ferrara lords. And before moving on to dessert, don't forget to enjoy a typical lunch or dinner with local specialties such as marinated herring with onions, sardines in saor and guinea fowl in red wine.

Did we make your mouth water? Come and discover all these gastronomic excellences!


A territory to discover:

Food and wine: Marinated herring with onions and sardines in saor to enjoy a typical dinner.

History: A county shared over the centuries by Venetians, Ferrara and Scaligeri.

Territory: The medieval castle, the Rotonda Church and the noble palaces.