Peach of Verona, triumph of sweetness

Verona has its queen during summer: the peach. It was already known and renowned in Roman times and even today it represents one of the gastronomic excellences of this territory. It is a juicy, sweet and appreciated quality, beautiful to look at as well as to taste so much that Mantegna even reproduced it inside the Basilica of San Zeno in Verona. For those who are in this area in the summer it is a must to go in search of this delicious fruit in the local markets, or in the farms that produce it.

Yellow or white makes no difference: sugars and acids balance each other giving life to an unmistakable flavor, as is also immediately recognizable is the typical packaging of Peach di Verona IGP, in white, green and orange colors, so as not to run the risk of buy a product that is not certified! It is possible to find this fruit in many of the municipalities of the Verona area, from Valpolicella to the surroundings of the capital and down to Valeggio sul Mincio.

However, peaches are the protagonists of the restaurant: it is an ingredient in excellent fresh and thirst-quenching artisan ice creams, as well as jams used throughout the year for the production of pies and other typical sweets. For those who love less classic combinations, the peach salad with scampi is definitely worth trying: the fruit is cut and dipped in lemon, accompanied by the taste of spring onion, spinach and rocket. The combination with these crustaceans is truly sublime! Obviously, for those who are more traditional, fruit salad is certainly one of the situations in which the pulp of the Verona peach is enhanced.

Even for those passing by, stopping in Verona to hunt for peaches is a stop not to be missed! Maybe it can be an opportunity to visit the city and the beauties of its territory.

A land to discover:

Food and Wine: peach salad with scampi, ice cream and jams.

History: From the cultivation of the Romans to the paintings of Mantegna, a fruit that was the protagonist of the times.

Territory: Verona, from the Basilica of San Zeno to the Arena, and the many views to discover.