Mustard from Vicenza, good with everything

On meat, with cheeses, even on desserts: it is difficult to find a product as versatile as the mustard from Vicenza! The time has come to discover this gastronomic excellence with a fruity and salty flavor, which was born in Montecchio Maggiore, where the current and tasty recipe was patented in 1918, and is made throughout the province of Vicenza. The Romans had already been able to appreciate the characteristics of its ancestor, which they called “Mustus Ardens” because the addition of strong mustard made it particularly spicy. The recipe then evolved over time, consolidating itself in the Middle Ages and gradually refined up to the present day.

There are various types of mustard in Northern Italy, but that of Vicenza is the only one to have a strong sense of spiciness. When you taste it, you can immediately feel the flavor of the main ingredient: quince, which arrived in Veneto thanks to Venetian merchants, who imported it from the Middle East.

To this are added other ingredients that characterize it, such as white mustard, wine or vinegar, sugar and pieces of candied fruit, reduced to puree and not into large pieces. Among the most used are cherries, apricots, figs, peaches and almonds, the latter to give the product a touch of uniqueness.

On the surface it will seem like a straw yellow jam, in reality there is much more inside. Thanks to its strong flavor, it is particularly combined with boiled meat or with typical local cheeses. However, even on the dessert it finds its space having both sweet and salty notes in its body. The most frequent combination is with mascarpone, but it will also make a good impression on whipped cream!

Where to look for the best Vicenza mustard? In addition to Montecchio Maggiore and the other cities of the province, we also suggest Ronco all'Adige in the Verona area, where the production here arrived thanks to the transfer of one of the main historical producers. Enjoy your meal!


A Land to discover:

Food and wine: boiled meat with Vicenza mustard, all to be tasted

History: from the Romans to the merchants of Venice, up to the recipe of today

Territory: Vicenza and its province, in the cradle of the Palladian villas