Melons of Delta del Po, taste of summer

If you were to describe summer with a flavor, it is very likely that you would answer by thinking of a sweet slice of melon. One of the most beautiful gastronomic experiences to have during a trip to discover the natural beauties of the Delta del Po is certainly to go in search of its precious melon, for 50 years one of the main products of this area, particularly suited to the clayey type of the soil and the humid climate.

It doesn’t matter whether it is smooth or netted: the flavor of this pearl of Polesine is delicate and sugary at the same time and knows how to conquer everyone's palates. In the area of ​​Rovigo, farmers are well aware of this; they introduced the first melon plants at the beginning of the twentieth century and then focused on this crop in a convinced way from the early seventies of the last century, making Veneto one of the main producing regions in Italy.

Melon arrived in Italy from Asia in late Roman times and then spread to various areas, mainly in the Po valley. The many varieties available between late and early and the possibility of cultivation in greenhouses allows the melon today to reach the tables until October, thus covering the whole summer period. The secret of its success lies in its freshness: tasting it it will be easy to feel the thirst-quenching sensation of its pasta, in which important vitamins such as C and A are present, with beneficial properties for growth, for the maintenance of bones and also to delay the aging of the skin. In short, an elixir of long life!

If you come for a trip to the Po river delta via the A31 Valdastico motorway, don't forget to stop in one of the typical trattorias to taste melon in its various forms: from the most classic paired with ham, to the combination with green salad and red with rocket, but also in risotto with shrimps, a real specialty of the area. The scent of melon juice, combined with that of saffron, make this dish a real delicacy. Given the conditions, are you ready to organize a trip to discover the Po Delta?


A land to discover:

Food and Wine: The perfect combination of risotto and melon and the combination with ham.

History: A plant that arrived with the Romans from the East and has been the protagonist of Italian tables for centuries.

Territory: From Porto Tolle to Adria, a land rich in tradition and nature.