The salad of Lusia, the only european PGI

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to the territory of Alto Polesine looking for the queen of salads in Europe? Summer is the ideal season to go to Lusia to discover the freshness and flavor of the "green gold", also present in the warm months of July and August thanks to the surprising qualities of these lands. The Lusia salad, in fact, resists in every season thanks to the soil always rich in water, favored by its proximity to the Adige river.

Due to its unsurpassed characteristics, it is the only salad in Europe to be marked with the PGI label and is grown in eleven municipalities straddling the provinces of Rovigo and Padova. An area easily accessible via the A31 Valdastico A31 motorway, a few steps from the Badia Polesine-Lendinara exit, capable of offering a series of landscaped treasures including the Vangadizza Abbey in Badia Polesine.

The history of this salad is relatively recent: its cultivation dates back to the nineteenth century, after the floods of the Adige had brought many sandy sediments. The soil, no longer suitable for the cultivation of corn and wheat, was chosen for the cultivation of salad. Since the post-war period, Lusia salad has become one of the most requested by the fruit and vegetable market. Tasting it as soon as it is picked up can be an experience. There are 26 registered companies to visit: it is possible to find a map here

Lusia salad is crunchy and tasty and its unmistakable taste makes it possibile even not to salt it. Its top accompaniment is the one with Polesine, cow or goat cheeses, balancing the flavors and finding a surprising harmony. Of course, it also makes its appearance together with meat and fish main courses, with tuna and with a nice mix of vegetables or cereals.

Did you think a salad would never surprise you? Well, all you have to do is organizing a nice visit in the Upper Polesine between art, a beautiful landscape and gastronomy and then, why not, stretch up to the wonderful Parco del Delta del Po to end in beauty!


A land to discover:

Food and Wine: Polesine cheeses to accompany the Lusia salad.

History: A disputed land, from the Este family to the Doges of Venice.

Territory: The Torre Morosini di Lusia, the Alto Polesine, the Abbey of the Vangadizza.