Mushrooms in the cuisine of Veneto: let’s discover them in Lusiana

Among the typical autumn products of Veneto it is impossible not to mention mushrooms: the recipes that make them the main characters in these parts are a lot! For this reason, the invitation is to go and discover one of the places where the harvest is particularly abundant every year and where it is easy to try numerous variations of preparation. About half an hour by car from the Thiene A31 Valdastico junction, it is possible to arrive in Lusiana, one of the symbolic locations of the Asiago plateau, cradle of the Cimbrian language but also a well-known place for those who love mushrooms and cannot resist without them.

Those who come this far, if they have experience and passion, can also decide to go to the woods to look for “porcini” mushrooms or other types of value: the Union of Municipalities allows you to collect but only by purchasing a daily ticket, available in some specific points. Each person can collect up to a maximum of three kilos of product. Some of the best areas are undoubtedly Monte Corno, Monte Verena, the Larches, the Vezzena pass, the Piana di Marcesina and the Campomulo area in Gallio. The most skilled mushroom makers always know the best spots: a secret they don't reveal to anyone! But it is not obvious that those who come here for the first time cannot also have a certain amount of luck…

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go without failing, the ideal is to turn to the inns and restaurants in the area with a menu that makes your mouth water just by hearing it! Starting with guinea fowl with mushrooms, a typical dish of the cuisine of Veneto: the meat is cooked in a casserole and possibly on a wood fire, then at the table a full-bodied red wine is served to accompany it and is immediately a feast for the palate. Alternatively, there is always the inevitable polenta, or excellent bigoli with goose and porcini mushrooms and finally the potato and mushroom soup to combine with the “bruschetta”, a crunchy bread.

Did we make you hungry? Then it's time to plan a new trip...


A land to discover

Food and wine: Sliced ​​guinea fowl with porcini mushrooms, or an excellent polenta.

History: The tradition of the Cimbrian language and the role of the territory in the Great War.

Territory: Skiing and walking on Monte Corno, the artistic route to the so called “Parco del Sojo”.