Bigoli, a very special delicacy of Colli Euganei

From Veneto to the eastern part of Lombardia, a typical traditional pasta is distinguished by its consistency, roughness and taste, but also by the frequency which it appears in recipes from all over Italy with, combined with various condiments and sauces.

The bigoli, in the original recipe, are an extremely simple type of pasta, prepared only with soft wheat, water and salt. Even this simplicity has allowed it to become an extremely popular dish, but the real distinctive feature lies in the roughness, which allows you to hold sauces and seasonings better than many other types of pasta.

Traditionally, bigoli are produced using traditional-shaped, hand-operated presses. In the most famous recipes, especially in the Vicenza area and in the area of Colli Euganei, these are seasoned with duck ragout, or often with onions, sardines or anchovies.

Numerous festivals celebrate this dish throughout Italy, but it is the area between Padova and Vicenza that more than any other exalts bigoli and makes them part of the local culinary tradition. "Arna lesa e bigolo tondo, a la sera contenta el mondo" says an ancient proverb from Vicenza, perhaps originating in the town of Thiene, like the recipe for bigoli with duck.

Bigoli therefore represent the perfect dish for all tourists passing through the areas between the eastern part of Lombardia and Treviso, especially if visiting the Colli Euganei, or in the fantastic UNESCO cities of art of Padova and Vicenza.


A land to discover:

Food and wine: Bigoli with duck, sardines, or anchovies; traditional Venetian dishes.

History: Vicenza and Padua, cities of art rich in history, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Territory: Colli Euganei hide enchanting landscapes and unforgettable villages.


Credits: Sale&pepe