A timeless village on the lake Garda hills

It's Sunday, you are in the province of Mantua during a sunny and hot afternoon, and your wish is to go to a place that’s far from the usual tourist destinations. On the morainic hills of Garda, a few kilometers from the famous lake, there is a small village called Castellaro Lagusello, and it is there that we suggest you to go to spend your weekend.

Castellaro, since 2002 included in the circuit "The most beautiful villages in Italy" and since 2011 Unesco Heritage, finds its roots in the ninth century, rising as a wall belt and temporary refuge. The fortified village was founded by Gian Galeazzo Visconti first and Francesco Gonzaga then, and was born between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Also known as “Borgo degli Innamorati”, Castellaro owes its fame to a characteristic heart-shaped lake, a body of water that makes its beautiful center unique and romantic.

In order to visit the picturesque village, go from the north, through a large door with a drawbridge topped by the massive Clock Tower. Once inside, we suggest you to get lost in its alleys, admire its rustic houses and the pavements made of river stones. In an incredible silence you will reach the square where the majestic 19th-century Villa Arrighi overlooks, which it is possible to enjoy an excellent view of the suggestive lake from.

During a sunny afternoon or at night, with the village illuminated with a fairytale atmosphere, are you ready to discover the beauty of this timeless village?


A land to discover:

Panorama: admire from every perspective the small village reflected on the heart-shaped lake

History: breathe almost a thousand years of history through the charm of the ancient city walls, the ancient village, the nineteenth-century villa and the Church of San Nicola

Event: "The flowers of Castellaro Lagusello" the floral exhibition that the small village organizes in April, a multi-sensory experience of colors and scents not to be missed.



Picture: www.bandierearancioni.it