#theblackout: you have the key not to switch off your light

Do not drive after consuming alcohol or drugs! To communicate this important message related to road safety, A4 Holding organized an event - the first of its kind in Italy - to speak directly to young people.

The evening, as part of the #theblackout campaign, has been designed in a significant period of the year such as the approaching summer season. Parties and entertainment are in fact the order of the day: it becomes even more important to remember safety rules before driving.

To talk to the kids, the communication of the contents took place on social networks, mainly on Instagram where young people are particularly active, but with some action on Facebook, too.

It all started on the night between 7th and 8th June at Sesto Senso, Brescia, with an action called #theblackout. During the evening the lights were suddenly switched off at 4,00 am and then a video was shown: it told the story of Carlos Rubio, a boy in prison for having killed his best friend and injured other people in a car accident, where alcohol led him to drive faster than normal.

The reactions were recorded in a video published on the website www.theblackout.it.

"Don't turn off your light: you're the only one who has the key to do it": this is the motto of the initiative.

Some photos were taken in which young people were holding a bright key ring: the photos are available on the website and on social networks, and they became the symbols of a unique campaign.

Kids were the main protagonists of the event and they can now share the campaign themes with their friends using the hashtag #illuminati. If you see this hashtag on social media, don't forget to share it with your friends!

Watch below the video of the evening. The protagonist of the next one could be you!