The Viability Agents of A4 Brescia Padova and A31 Valdastico are meeting again the high school students along with Verona Strada Sicura to talk about road safety.

A commitment that does not only translate into a constant presence on the roads, but also with training and sharing projects thought for young people.

This is why A4 Holding is back in schools with the #usalatesta project, the road safety education program in its new 2019/2020 edition, which sees the participation of A4 Brescia-Padova and A31 Valdastico auxiliaries with the Association Verona Strada Sicura.

The main purpose is to raise awareness among young drivers without showing mere statistical data, but involving them through the direct testimonies of the people who live the reality of road accidents on a daily basis.

The initiative is thought to educate children who attend the fourth and fifth grades of high schools, who are in the process of taking the driving license or have just obtained it. The project, which has been developed in various forms since 2001, foresees for the current edition 24 meetings in 29 institutions, for a total of almost 3000 students involved.

During the meetings, the auxiliaries intervene to explain in a simple and direct way their everyday experiences and  the behaviors that should be maintained on the motorway for the everyone’s safety, especially in case of emergency.

The project gives particular space to Saturday night accidents, caused mainly by alcohol and drug abuse, distraction and excessive speed. For this reason, during the meetings, the video message by Carlos Rubio, young protagonist of #theblackout, the 2019 social campaign of A4 Holding, is also shown.

Verona Strada Sicura, promoter of the initiative, is the non-profit association formed mainly by people belonging to the security and rescue department, including the Street Police, the SUEM 118 Nurses, the Fire Department, the G.S.C. GIAMBENINI and the families of young victims of road accidents.