Truck drivers are a public of great interest for Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova. This is the reason why we guarantee comfort and safety in all the trafficking, and in addition we provide useful information in real time to those who drive trucks.

Along the highway there is also the largest European self-parking car: the Brescia Est car park, the ideal place for truck drivers who can stop during long business trips and for mandatory breaks. The car park is located in a strategic position at the Brescia Est motorway exit, tangent to the A4 motorway (Milan-Venice), a few steps from Brescia and from the Verona and Bergamo airports.

We also take part in many initiatives in favor of road transport, such as the conference of 11th May 2019, “La voce dell’autotrasporto veneto”: Confartigianato Imprese del Veneto has called this day for truck drivers by starting a debate with institutions and the political world for the relaunch of the sector. The main purpose was to re-launch the sector to make it more competitive.

During the day debates were born around ideas, proposals and initiatives for the development of a key compartment of the Italian economy. Safety of the infrastructures, future needs, maintenance of roads and bridges and specific parking areas for heavy vehicles were also important topics of the debate.

But not only that: among the various points of discussion, road safety had a lot of weight, together with respect for driving times, interruptions, rest periods and transit prohibitions.

We are active on Facebook with a page entirely dedicated to the Brescia Est Autoparco and to the world of truck drivers in order to share with them information and safety messages.