In case of need you can contact the Operational Center via the SOS stations to request a timely mechanical or medical intervention.

We will notify you in real time of any dangers along the way. Just follow the signaling system to get information on the speed to keep in case of traffic, queues, canters and more. Lots of useful information to drive safely!

Thanks to a video analysis system that works in real time, we intervene promptly if you need us, for an accident or other. By monitoring traffic and any critical issues, it offers important information for your safety on the road.



We work to make your trip safer by keeping the road surfaces in good condition. Draining and sound-absorbing road surfaces guarantee excellent visibility, reduce aquaplaning and noise both inside and out.

Thanks to suitable safety barriers we guarantee a comfortable journey, reducing the possibility of lane jumps or overturning and with an anti-glare protection.

We make safe every your trip also by making available lay-bys to allow the emergency stops of your vehicle on the highway. You can find one every 500 meters!

To guarantee a high visibility at all times, the section is equipped with lighting systems in the most critical points to improve visibility at night or in case of poor visibility. Lighting systems are present in the tunnels, in the squares of toll booths and at the junctions to guarantee good conditions of visibility.

To ensure proper circulation, we have equipped the entire route with vertical and horizontal signs to guarantee correct circulation. We will notify you in case of approaching the emergency lane with a reflective strip equipped with small sound bands. We also monitor the state of conservation of the signage and update it or modify it if necessary.

Ordinary and extraordinary infrastructure maintenance is an integral part of our business. Controls, monitoring and planning of interventions are made with tools and technologies that allow us to always have absolute control over the condition of the works.

Do you know how many operators and vehicles we provide for your road safety in winter? 280 units are active between vehicles and equipment located in 15 Winter Service Centers. At your service also 390 people and 80 auxiliary to the roads. We are ready to do anything to keep you safe.


If your journey is peaceful, it is also thanks to them: our Traffic Control Officers, intervene and regulate traffic, making the road a safe and reliable environment. They work in collaboration with the Traffic Police and act promptly to assist you in case of difficulty.


The Traffic Police carry out activities of prevention and verification of road traffic violations, accident detection and traffic regulation services. Guarantee your safety every day from every point of view!

A fast and efficient ambulance service makes a significant contribution to the safety of those travelling on the motorway and this availability is essential to complete the assistance services. The Healthcar Bodies are activated by the Operations Center in those cases where a rapid intervention by health personnel is required. In case of an emergency, there are various Bodies that intervene along our motorway, each being responsible for a specific area.

In the case of particularly serious accidents, an air ambulance service is also available.

During the busiest periods over the summer, the Company has an agreement in place with the competent authorities to strengthen the normal emergency services by positioning ambulances along the main motorway exits.

In the event of an accident or if your car is damaged, you can rely on breakdown service. Mechanical rescue is guaranteed throughout the territory, 365 days a year and all day. Do not hesitate to use the SOS stations to activate the service through our Operations Center or call the toll-free number 800-012812.