Savage beaches and breathtaking views a few steps from Garda

The weekend has come and you are free from any commitment: undecided between an excursion, a quiet trip outside the city, or a relaxing day on the sofa, the right solution could be the perfect mix of nature and relaxation.

Sirmione, also known as the “Pearl of Garda”, offers numerous points of interest depending on the type of tourism chosen: you can stroll through the streets of the center of the ancient village admiring the Scaliger Castle, the picturesque churches and the medieval atmosphere, or spend your day in complete relaxation at the famous Spas, or even sunbathing by the lake immersing yourself in the wonderful crystal clear waters of Garda.

If this last choice is the one for you, then the essential destination is the so called Jamaica beach, located under the wonderful Grotte di Catullo. The coast can be reached with a trek of about 15 minutes, through a very simple path or by boat.

The beach is certainly the most evocative of those bordering the lake shore: its beauty increases dramatically on days when the water is lower, allowing the large slabs of white rock that characterize the landscape to emerge. This little corner of paradise offers a natural spectacle so beautiful as to earn the name of Caribbean beach or "Jamaica Beach". Will you be enraptured by its beauty until sunset?


A land to discover:

Panorama: admire the breathtaking landscape from the Grotte di Catullo or immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the ancient village

Relax: take a relaxing break and visit the famous Spas of Sirmione

Wellness: enjoy a moment of relaxation on one of the most beautiful lake beaches in Italy

Advices for travellers

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