Caves of Oliero, a journey to the center of the Earth

In the province of Vicenza there is a magical underground world made of pure water and rocks dug over millennia, ready to fascinate you. Any time is good to come and visit the fantastic Caves of Oliero in Valbrenta, not far from Bassano del Grappa and easily reachable from the A31 Valdastico Thiene exit. In the underground meanders most of the rainwater of the Asiago plateau is collected, creating a series of underground channels that give life to the Oliero river which, with its 300 meters in length, is one of the shortest in Europe.

Thanks to the presence of expert guides, you can safely go and discover four caves currently open to the public, some dry and therefore passable on foot through a path that winds through ancient stones. It will be an opportunity to see unknown plants such as the rock rapunzel, in environments dominated by very high natural ceilings. A wonderful experience will be to get on board a boat to enter the so called “Covol dei Siori”, a treasure chest that hides a treasure of nature such as a gigantic waterfall of alabaster stalactites, 14 meters high, which intertwine in a joyful play of shapes and colors.

If you are lucky, in the waters of the caves you can meet a nice animal: the olm, typical of the karst subsoil, which was brought here in the nineteenth century by the botanist Alberto Parolini and has since reproduced in these environments as well. It is a blind animal used to living alone in the dark, but also ready to show off itself, especially to children!

The caves are surrounded by a park where you can relax, spend a day by having a picnic, walk the Nature Trail and go and see the landscapes offered by the Brenta river and the villages along its course, as well as being able to experience the thrill of plowing the waters through rafting boats. At the information center of the caves bicycles and E-Bikes are available to be able to decide to make excursions in the vicinity on two wheels.

In short, there are all the conditions to come and take a trip to Valbrenta starting from the Caves of Oliero, you can discover the ancient paths of tobacco smugglers, go in search of ancient mills and churches, and finally enjoy tastings of typical products such as the sopressa of Vicenza and Asiago Dop cheese. Are you ready to hit the road?

A land to discover:

Food and wine: Tastings of Asiago Dop cheese and sopressa from Vicenza.

History: The ancient route of the tobacco smugglers to be covered on foot and to the Carpanè museum.

Territory: Valbrenta, between mills and historic churches at the foot of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni.