Crystalline water courses in an uncontaminated oasis

Not too far away from Verona, the Parco delle cascate di Molina awaits you, a natural oasis of absolute peace, which will make you fall in love with its rich vegetation and the characteristic waterways that run through the area.

The park covers over 80 thousand square meters with an altitude between 630 and 380 meters, and has three paths (green, red and black) that make it suitable for all ages and needs. Its territory is characterized by perennial water sources, and is made particularly striking by the noise of numerous waterfalls, the main attraction of the oasis, by the flow of streams that form small green lakes, and by the presence of large and majestic caves.

Once you reach the entrance to the Oasis, you just have to choose one of the different routes and start your adventure. Admire the Bear Waterfall, characterized by its deep well, or let yourself be enchanted by the Green Waterfall or the Quareta, also called "Black Waterfall", a destination for all tourists for the presence of a singular acrobatic swing that reaches almost to touch the water. Another unmissable destination for your trek is the Bear Cave, with its cave paintings representing ancient hunting scenes. Without forgetting the area of ​​the Mysterious Crosses carved in stone and finally, last but not least, the Panoramic Terrace that will make you hold your breath with its unforgettable view of the park.

If you have succumbed to the unique charm of the park and its waterfalls, you just have to end your excursion with a visit to the ancient "Mulin de Lorenzo", dating back to the 17th century, with its large stone mill, and to the characteristic village made of Molina stone.


A land to discover:

Culture: Botanical Museum of Lessinia, to make the biodiversity of the park even deeper


-Prehistory Festival with prehistoric nights, in May: you can spend a night in a cave discovering the stages of evolution and the production of fire

-Fest of the Cascate di Molina, third Sunday of July, to better discover the history of the ancient village of Molina, through the review of the arts and crafts and tastings of typical dishes on the streets of the town.