Vo’ Euganeo, the “hinge” between the Colli Euganei and Berici

Vo’ Euganeo and its provinces represent the "hinge" that unites Colli Berici with the Colli Euganei. Five minutes from the Agugliaro exit, this town hides many small secrets that deserve to be known, discovered and tasted.

Every small town has its own history: like Zovon, whose trachyte quarries, salt-resistant stone, supplied Venezia for the construction of the paving stones and where it is said that an orc that once scattered ash had once lived. But you can rest assured: it is only a popular belief and, indeed, Zovon and full of beautiful stately homes with the hills in the background, all to be admired.

We continue to Vo’ Vecchio, where the seventeenth-century villa of the Venetian lords Contarini Giovannelli Venier today houses a Landscape Museum, with the display of ancient maps of the area, as well as temporary exhibitions and another space dedicated to Memory. A large half-cow staircase still connects the floors of the building, where ancient frescoes are preserved. Outside, on the other hand, the visitor is greeted by another double flight of steps that opens like a fan over the sumptuous courtyard.

Vo’ Centro is instead the home of the wine of the Colli Euganei: it is no coincidence that it houses the headquarters of the Consortium and, since 2015, the MuVi, an emotional wine museum, full of panels, ancient testimonies and where, of course, you can taste the best productions of this area.


A tour of the local cellars should also be done in the hamlets of Boccon and Cortelà, where you can also discover the local parishes which, together with those of other countries, bring together many architectural styles ranging from Baroque to Neoclassical.

Vo’ Euganeo can be a natural starting point to visit Colli Euganei e Berici, at the center of many tourist routes that unite the pearls of this corner of the Padova area.

But be careful, if you choose to taste the excellent local wines, it is better to stay one night and get back on the road the next day.


A land to discover:

Food and Wine: Vo’ is home to the wines of the Colli Euganei and also houses its museum.

History: 17th century villas and religious architecture from Romanesque to neoclassical.

Territory: A valley surrounded by hills, with enchanting views of the greenery.