Discovering Verona Romana

Do you want to explore Verona outside the classic Shakespearean itineraries? Follow us to discover the charm of Verona Romana. In the first century AD, thanks to its strategic position, the city became a thriving colony, to transform itself into a sumptuous urban center during the imperial age. Today you can walk along its ancient walls and cross the two monumental gates, to stroll among stone and marble buildings and private homes decorated with precious frescoes and mosaics. If you want to immerse yourself in Roman history, Verona is an essential destination. His memories await you as soon as you pass the Verona Sud exit of the A4 Brescia – Padova motorway.

The tour of Verona Romana begins by passing under the Arco dei Gavi, the honorary monument erected by the Gens Gavia, that you can find in a small square overlooking the Adige. Here you will have the opportunity to walk on some remains of the basalt paving of the Via Postumia, one of the main Roman consular roads. Continue your itinerary to discover the two Roman gates of the city: Porta Borsari and Porta dei Leoni. Of the first you will still see the original façade remained intact, while of the second, built in the late Republican age, only half of the internal façade still remains.

Between the two Roman gates you will come across the ancient Forum, now the famous Piazza delle Erbe. Here are some of the buildings that have marked the history of the city in subsequent years: the Palazzo del Comune, the "Domus mercatorum", the Torre delle Ore, the column of San Marco and the fountain of Madonna Verona. Moving towards the left bank of the Adige, you will be able to admire the remains of the Roman Theater, one of the oldest buildings in Verona, built in the 1st century BC. The amphitheater was restored in the late 1800s and during the summer it hosts numerous events, concerts and theatrical performances.

Many artifacts await you in the place where they were unearthed. The sites that can be visited such as the domus in Piazza Nogara and the Museum of the Scaligeri Excavations will offer you an insight into the Roman era. To conclude your journey back in time, the Arena awaits you, the undisputed icon of the city of Verona, which will enchant you with its imposing size: the profile of the ellipse measures 110 by 140 meters, with 44 steps designed to accommodate 25 thousand spectators. Located in the historic center, in Piazza Bra, this Roman amphitheater was the backdrop for gladiator games and fights.

Before leaving, you can give yourself a regenerating break, savoring some of the typical dishes: risotto al Tastal, a mixture of minced pork, Pastissada de Caval or Boiled with Pearà.

A land to discover:

Food and wine: Pastissada de Caval, Boiled with the Pearà.

History: the testimonies of ancient Rome, from the 1st century AD up to the imperial age.

Territory: the timeless charm of the Arena.