The ageless charm of the “Valle dei Mulini”

An enchanting area not far from Vicenza, a characteristic destination to discover and visit, far from the areas of greatest tourist impact and rich in almost uncontaminated nature.

If you love the outdoors, the “Terre di Villaga” are the ideal place for a trip thanks to its landscapes full of suggestive views, the passage of numerous rivers and streams that allow the presence of lush forests, but also of cultivated countryside and pastures from which the majority of local products come.

To discover these fascinating lands and visit them in all their beauty, numerous tourist routes are available to do by foot or sportier types can also ride their bicycle. The Terre di Villaga are known above all for the presence, scattered throughout the territory, of historic water mills. Among the Beriche Valleys, the most beautiful is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Valle dei Mulini di Calto: not only from the landscape point of view, but also for the timeless atmosphere that can still be breathed in this enchanted place, where the environment remains closely linked to the use of water through the centuries.

To start your adventure in the Terre di Villaga, we suggest you to choose the Calto tourist route. From about two hours, the walk starts from the Fontana della Lova and then winds towards the Valle dei Mulini. Passing through a luxuriant landscape you can admire the Rizolin Mill with its homonymous fountain, you will pass next to the Beta di Sopra and Beta di Sotto mills, and then end the path to the Ciàche mills and in the ancient village of Bampo di Sopra.

Other routes, ancient villages, famous fountains and long stretches of uncontaminated landscapes await you in the Terre di Villaga: are you ready to discover them all?


Three good reasons to visit:

Panorama: The Terre di Villaga offer unspoiled nature full of landscapes that will leave you breathless.

The Mills: The historic water mills, scattered throughout the territory, are the main feature of these lands.

Sport: For fans of outdoor sports, there are numerous routes available to discover these suggestive places from top to bottom.