Borghetto, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy

Experience a day of relaxation in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, according to the Italian Touring Club. A few kilometers from the Peschiera del Garda tollbooth, Borghetto sul Mincio will take you inside a painting, with its exposed brick buildings and narrow streets caressed by the waters of the river.

As soon as you arrive, you will see the Scaligero Castle rise on the waters of the Mincio, a medieval manor that has dominated the small village since the 13th century. To visit it, you can cross the Visconti Bridge, built in 1393 to connect the banks of the river: a walk of 650 meters to nine meters high. A truly breathtaking experience.

You will continue the tour through the streets of the town, savoring the harmony between history and nature. You will find many attractions in the medieval village, such as the large bell tower and the wheels of the water mills that were used for the milling of wheat and cereals.

In the silent alleys of Borghetto you will have a moment of peace to recharge your energy away from everyday stress. For a moment of spirituality, the small eighteenth-century Church of San Marco Evangelista awaits you, with its mysterious statue of St. John of Nepomuk, which tradition wants to protect those who fall into the river from drowning. To enrich your experience in Borghetto, stop and discover the flavors of the territory in its typical trattorias: in particular you will be speechless in tasting the tortellini of Valeggio, the so called "agnolin" in the local dialect, stuffed with meat, a real delight for the palate.

Here are all the ingredients for a trip to Borghetto sul Mincio: when are you going to visit it?

A land to discover:

Food and wine: Tortellini di Valeggio, risi e bisi and a slice of rose cake.

History: The fortifications of the Scala and Visconti epochs, Napoleon's victory over the Austrians in 1796.

Territory: The cycle path on the Mincio that connects Mantua to Peschiera del Garda.