Open distilleries: discovering the secrets of the “Grappaioli”

The production of grappa and its ancient traditions is a symbol of Made in Italy appreciated all over the world. Recognized Vicenza's food and wine excellence, grappa distilleries are a world to discover and explore, a window that allows a privileged view of venetian and Italian culture, an open book on centuries of fascinating and evocative history.

Every autumn the province of Vicenza hosts "Open Distilleries", an event dedicated to all alcohol lovers and to all those who want to discover or learn more about the ancient art of the distillery. An event that wants to open up to the whole world of grappa and its production, which allows a journey in the territory to discover centuries-old traditions and culture handed down from generation to generation to the present day.

The event allows you to get to know the ancient art of distillation more closely, whose first evidence in the Vicenza area dates back to the 1600s. "Open Distilleries" is a unique opportunity to carry out guided tours within the companies and discover not only how grappa is born, but also the stories, curiosities and secrets of this ancient art, told by the master grappa makers themselves. Between boilers and stills, these distillate artists will guide you on a singular journey that you will not want to miss in the world. Ready to toast?


A land to discover:

History: discover the history, traditions and culture of Vicenza through the centuries-old art of distillation

Food and wine: the tasting of grappa and spirits is unmissable alongside typical products from the Vicenza area

Itinerary: the tour with guided visits to the historic plants in the area.

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