A timeless journey in the world of paper

If you find yourself passing through Brescia or on vacation on Lake Garda, do not miss the opportunity to immediately organize a trip to Toscolano Maderno (BS) and pay a visit to the Paper Museum and the Valle delle Cartiere.

Visiting the Museo della Carta in Toscolano is the best way to immerse yourself in a journey in the world and in the history of paper and its production. A path that starts from the birth of this revolutionary support, produced by hand in the Middle Ages, passes through industrialized production and reaches 1962, the year in which the last factory in the valley was closed. Housed inside the old factory, restored to new life thanks to the intervention of the Municipality, the museum recounts and tells its story in its ancient spaces: not only through the still functioning artifacts and machinery, but also with a suggestive path that fully involves the visitor.

Finds, documents, illustrations and books of the time will bring you back to rediscover the charm of a place where time seems to have stopped, which has now become an important archaeological site as well as one of the museum pearls of the Brescia area.

At the end of your journey into the world of paper, we recommend a walk in the Valle delle Cartiere, a real open-air museum to transform your cultural visit into a naturalistic excursion that must not be missed!


A land to discover:

History: retrace through the halls of the ancient factory centuries of history from the Middle Ages to the present day

Landscape: immerse yourself in the nature by concluding your visit in the Valle delle Cartiere

Art: discover the importance of paper through interesting didactic itineraries and organized tours, even for the little ones.



Picture: www.ecomuseovalledellecartiere.it

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