Centuries of history and faith in Badia Polesine

Come with us to discover Badia Polesine! In this village in the lower Rovigo area, easy to reach through the southern part of the A31 Valdastico, attractions await you that tell of centuries of culture, art, faith and tradition. You will find numerous places to explore to spend a day without ever getting bored. The journey starts from the Teatro Sociale, where you can admire the Balzan picture gallery, an internationally renowned art gallery.

The millenary Abbey of Santa Maria della Vangadizza will take you back in time, to the time when the Via Romea Strata was one of the main roads in Italy. You will be able to visit the cloister and the ancient archive, immersing yourself in the large rooms that will make you relive the lives of the monks who have alternated here over the centuries. The visit to the Archpriest Church of San Giovanni Battista reserves real surprises: you will find many works of great artistic value, including the ancient wooden statue of the Madonna della Vangadizza once housed in the abbey, and the chapel dedicated to San Teobaldo, which keeps his relics.

In the Baruffaldi Civic Museum you will discover other wonderful works of art and ancient testimonies: you will experience the thrill of a time machine among objects dating back to the two World Wars, going back to the Risorgimento and the years of the nineteenth-century Brigandage. If you have children, you can offer them an exciting live history lesson!

In the center of Badia Polesine you will find two further surprises: the first is Palazzo Rossi, in neoclassical style, with the ceilings painted by Giovanni Biasin, the other is the Palazzo Municipale with its majestic civic tower. A visit to this country also requires a stop to discover the typical local products: you will have a lot of choice in the menus offered by the local restaurants and you will be speechless after tasting the excellent veal tongue in red wine, radicchio with lard and rice pastries . Mark this location on the map of your next trips: come and discover this and the other wonderful locations along the A31 Valdastico!

A land to discover:

Food and wine: Veal tongue in red wine, radicchio with lard and rice cakes.

History: An abbey that for centuries was a bishopric and at the center of disputes over its control.

Territory: The Adige valley and cycling routes along the river.