Adventures in the uncontaminated nature

Do you love cycling and being outdoors? Then dedicate a day to your passion: all you have to do is backpacking, mountain biking and setting off to discover the Colli Euganei, in the province of Padova.

Inaugurated in 2012, the hiking trail of the hills is perhaps one of the most beautiful and suggestive in Veneto. The tour allows you to admire glimpses of unspoiled countryside far from the busiest areas, therefore impossible to see from your car window.

The cycle path is 63 km long and can be covered in one day. If, on the other hand, you want to travel slowly, stopping to discover the different places of interest along the way, you can take a whole weekend and stop in the dedicated accommodation facilities.

A large part of the itinerary runs along several waterways, passing along the artificial banks of the canals that surround the hills and embankment of the Bacchiglione river. The route is mostly flat, except for a slightly steep stretch of less than 1km long, which can also be tackled by racing or touring bikes. We recommend starting from Abano Terme to enjoy some truly remarkable sections of the track, such as the stretch that leads to the nineteenth-century Villa Draghi, then going up the embankment of the Battaglia canal to the Castle of Catajo, Terme di Battaglia, Monselice and Este. You will have the opportunity to cross and visit historic places, admire ancient castles and stately villas, spectacular gardens and walled cities. Are you ready to discover them all?


A land to discover:

Nature: admire glimpses of unspoiled countryside away from traffic and urban areas

Itinerary: the cycle path touches numerous points of interest and historical places not to be missed

Sport: exercise and free your mind and lungs by breathing the pure air of the Colli Euganei.

Advices for travellers

On the highway, as in any other urban or suburban mobility context, it is essential to adopt a prudent and safe driving style. Follow our tips to prepare for your trip!

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