The secret treasure of Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo, west of the Venetian Prealps, is a mysterious mountain with a thousand peculiarities: three quarters of it are located in the Verona area and it is known for its beauty and the natural treasures it has always preserved. A precious treasure is hidden among the thousand secrets of Monte Baldo.

Recognized as one of the excellence of the area's food and wine tradition, the truffle is a real delicacy, highly appreciated and wanted all over the world. Traveling or on vacation in the Verona area it is almost a must to take the time that you need and stop to enjoy a plate of tagliatelle or a risotto, enriched by the delicate and unique flavor of the Garda truffle, also known as “scorzone”.

The truffle of Monte Baldo has been known for centuries to gastronomes and naturalists: already in the sixteenth century there are testimonies of people who find the precious delicacies in the mountains, and there are at the end of the nineteenth century written testimonies of "fragrant and exciting truffles destined to be a delight of the elegant canteens ".

Now become a symbol of the Montebaldina tradition, "his Majesty" the black truffle from Baldo is a peculiarity of Caprino Veronese. If you choose when to go around there, we suggest you to mark the go in the end of August, when there’s an entire weekend dedicated to the tasting of typical dishes based on black truffle and tastings of products from the Baldense area, all enriched with music and entertainment.


Three good reasons to visit:

Event: do not miss the Gourmet Weekend dedicated to the Black Truffle.

Landscape: savor the unique taste of the truffle by immersing yourself in the breathtaking setting of the landscapes of the Baldense area.

History: discover the culture of the Venetian Prealps through the traditional food and wine products of the area.