The radicchio of Verona, soul of a land

An inexpert eye could struggle to distinguish the Radicchio di Verona I.G.P. from other varieties, however, its distinctive flavor and appearance, with a bright color and marked white traces, is the result of a process of over two years of work.

The introduction of the red-leaved species in Veneto were born early in the 15th century, but it is only after the World War I that the careful crossing of different varieties leads to the improvement and serial cultivation of what was known as red chicory.

The radicchio of Verona PGI stands out for its crunchy leaves, for its intense dark red color, and for the very pleasant slightly bitter flavor that makes it perfect for many recipes, capable of giving personality, but also marrying delicately with other tastes.

Rich of potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamins, it is an excellent ally of the immune system, but also the ideal ingredient for many diets, thanks to its low calorie content and its ability to accelerate the metabolism.

A healthy and tasty product that deserves to be promoted and valued. Always wary of imitations!


The territory of the Radicchio of Verona includes:

Verona: where you can combine radicchio with another local gastronomic excellence, Vialone Nano Veronese I.G.P.

Padua: territory full of wonderful towns, all to be discovered.

Vicenza: ideal for a stop on the way to the Alps and some of the best ski resorts in Italy.