The hidden treasure of Isola della Scala, a village between two rivers

You don't know how to give up the pleasure of a good risotto? Then we propose a destination that could definitely be for you: Isola della Scala.

Located 20 km from Verona, Isola della Scala is a pretty town immersed in the Valle del Po which, despite a high-sounding name with a clear marine reference, is firmly anchored on the mainland: the Tartaro and Piganzo rivers, crossing the territory, give the town the curious name.

This characteristic village has its roots already in the Bronze Age, and the historical finds dating back to that time testify to its antiquity and long history. Visiting Isola della Scala you will immediately notice its main feature: the territory is in fact full of rice fields that make the land famous for its rice, in particular the Vialone Nano Veronese I.G.P.

Since 1967, Isola della Scala hosts the “Fiera del Riso”, born from the "Garzega", or the ancient peasant tradition that celebrated the annual end of the harvest period. Initially the fair was nothing more than a single small stand in the center of the town, which served rice and wine for a weekend: now it is now one of the main food and wine events in the area. The real uniqueness of this fair is the very short supply chain that goes from the paddy field to our dish: rice from Isola della Scala is in fact grown by small family businesses, which take care of the entire production phase.

If you pass through Verona, we recommend a small tour: the 53rd edition of the Fair will take place from 11 September to 6 October 2019, almost a month of celebration where you can taste the typical Italian risotto, prepared with ancient recipes from the Mastro Risottari and many chefs from all over Italy, but not only: you can discover many other local specialties and attend numerous events, concerts, performances and cabaret shows. A route about one km long that winds its way to the center of the country between food and stands, to give you an unforgettable culinary and entertainment experience!


A land to discover:

Food and wine: try the very traditional recipe of "Risotto all'isolana", made official in 1985 by the then Mayor of the country.

History: discover the ancient origins of the village: visit the local museum to observe the numerous historical finds dating back to the Bronze Age.

Territory: admire the peculiarity of a landscape that has few equals in Italy.