A resonant Verona: the secrets of a century of Opera

Try to close your eyes and imagine yourself at the Arena of Verona. What do you see? You will probably hear the notes of the Triumphal March of Aida, you will imagine the stage clothes, the exciting solos and breathtaking choreographies. After that, perhaps, you will think instead of the shows of the Roman era, those for which this marvelous structure was erected.

Now open your eyes again because we will take you to experience Verona like Placido Domingo or Maria Callas, in places where you can breathe music outside the Arena, even in front of a typical local dish or in the comfort of a hotel. Like the eighteenth-century Palazzo Sambonifacio Tedeschi, attributable to the family of the tenor Giovanni Zenatello, who in the early twentieth century brought Aida into the Arena and transformed it into the world opera temple. Inside, you can still relive the emotions of music stars like Maria Callas, who has repeatedly slept inside the rooms of the Hotel Accademia.

From opera to table is a continuous fil rouge that from the Arena accompanies you among the thousand of photos and memories of "I Tre Marchetti", the restaurant that has always been a destination for the great protagonists of the work. The magic of the venue also lies in the possibility, in proximity of the concerts, of being able to meet the protagonists of the Arena. You can also move to the ancient Ponte Pietra, where the homonymous restaurant located in the vicinity is one of the favorite places for the artists who attend the Veronese stage. Or you can go to one of the places along the so called "Liston", the promenade of Brà, where Giovanni Battista Meneghini met Maria Callas, who later became his wife.

Next to the center you can fall in love with the scorzone truffle from the Monti Lessini, the wines of Valpolicella, bigoli and more. The flavors of Veneto, which have excited the singers after their performances, are ready to leave you breathless, like an air or a solo.

When and how to relive these emotions? Verona awaits you from the 25th July to 29th of August 2020 to discover the great classical music during eleven events of the "Summer Festival": a way to return again to amaze us after months of lockdown and waiting in 2021 for the return of the broader program of events. Check out the program and how to book tickets at this link: https://bit.ly/2YnP0C9.


Now keep your eyes wide open: do not miss the opportunity to come to know the musical history of this great city!


A land to discover:

Food and Wine: The restaurants of the stars, with the scorzone truffle and the local specialties.

History: Over a century of opera music and great concerts in the Arena.

Territory: The itineraries in Roman Verona, from the city to the Lessini Mountains.