A natural paradise in Winter and in Summer

The most important center of the plateau of the seven towns, Asiago is a place famous all over the world despite its modest size. Completely razed to the ground during the World War I, the country was faithfully rebuilt during the 1900s, returning to the splendor that made it the capital of the Regency of the Seven towns in the 1300s.

The Asiago plateau is a top ski destination thanks to seven cross-country centers, and over 500 kilometers of groomed slopes. Even in summer, magnificent paths surrounded by nature attract hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts from all over Italy and beyond.

Asiago is a name also known for its excellent gastronomic products sold all over the world, among which the Asiago cheese of the same name certainly stands out, a product with a protected designation of origin whose origins date back to the beginning of the last millennium.

A magnificent and unforgettable destination that has something to offer to all its visitors: from mountain lovers passionate about winter sports, to hikers who practice trekking or mountain biking; a reality rich of history and excellence. An enchanted place that combines food & wine, beauty, history and sport like few others in Italy.


3 good reasons why you shoud visit:

Monuments and places of interest: the famous Military Shrine of Asiago, but also the Asiago Cima Ekar Observation Station, the Municipal Tower and the Town Hall.

Sports: hundreds of kilometers of ski slopes, dirt tracks for mountain bikes and hiking trails of all levels.

Food & Wine: Asiago cheese, synonymous with dairy excellence, protected designation of origin.



Picture: www.asiagoneve.com