Ponte Scaligero, a magnificent military building

Imagine Verona on a sunny spring Sunday: you spent the morning admiring the wonders of the ancient city and after lunch you really want to enjoy a quiet walk along the Lungadige.

In this case, we suggest you head south-west and pass the beautiful Church of San Lorenzo, arriving at the Castelvecchio Museum. From there, you can explore one of the most extraordinary architectural works of Verona: the Castelvecchio bridge, better known as “Ponte Scaligero”.

Legend has it that it was designed by Guglielmo Bevilacqua to ensure his lord Cangrande II an escape route to Tyrol. The real author of the work is not certain, but the bridge has an exceptionally bold structure for a construction of the time: the arches of different dimention, designed to contrast the different thrust of the current, the mighty battlements, are almost unique in the panorama weather.

This authentic work of engineering art finds its roots even in the mid-fourteenth century, but its history is far from peaceful: after having passed five centuries unscathed, it was first mutilated by the French in the early nineteenth century, who eliminated the battlements to place the cannons, and then destroyed by the Germans in their retreat at the end of the Second World War.

A few years later, the city of Verona took charge of rebuilding it, and today's bridge has once again become absolutely faithful to the original. Between white and red marbles, mighty battlements and Corinthian capitals, centuries of fascinating stories unfold over the 100 meters of the bridge: are you ready to discover them?


A land to discover:

Panorama: climb the walkways and admire the splendid view of the city and the Adige.

History: retrace centuries of history on a hundred meters of bridge that have also inspired directors and screenwriters.

Architecture: admire an almost unique structure of its kind.

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