Padova, the frescoes in the “Urbs Picta”

Padova awaits you with its "Urbs Picta", a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an itinerary made up of frescoes and timeless masterpieces, such as those that have made Giotto a world-famous artist.

Your journey can only start from the famous Scrovegni Chapel, which marks a turning point in the history of Western art. In fact, on its walls you can admire how the Tuscan artist revolutionized space and perspectives, starting to capture the moods of the figures and looking for an innovative realism for the time.

You will discover that the “Urbs Picta” does not stop there but goes further, touching many other points of the city. Moving towards the Church of Santi Filippo e Giacomo agli Eremitani, you will find figures extraordinarily inserted in space, made with innovative color techniques for the fourteenth century, natural evolutions of Giotto's theories.

Let yourself be enchanted by the majestic walls of the hanging hall of the Palazzo della Ragione, with its 333 squares that ideally mark the months of the year, and then go to the Basilica and the Convent of Sant'Antonio, where Giotto's activity began and he bound his name in an indissoluble way to the city. You will be able to admire his hand directly in the Cappella della Madonna Mora, in the Cappella delle Benedizioni and in the Sala del Capitolo, realized just a few time before the Scrovegni masterpiece.

Shall we go now? Come and discover in the Cathedral Baptistery the masterpiece of Giusto de’ Menabuoi with the "History of Salvation", frescoed by implementing the first scientific studies in the world dedicated to optics and perspective, dating back to around 1375. Continue your journey admiring the Chapel of the Carrarese Palace, where Guariento di Arpo transforms Giotto's lesson into courteous painting, celebrating the wealth of the patrons.

You will be bewitched by the perspective illusionism of the Oratory of San Giorgio, in which real and pictorial spaces intersect in a game of references that the artist Altichiero conceived between 1379 and 1384.

Finally, here we are at the last stage of your journey: at the Oratory of San Michele, a little-known jewel contains splendid frescoes by Jacopo da Verona dedicated to the Life of the Virgin Mary.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this intense itinerary among the beauties of Padova? So all you have to do is get on the road...

A land to discover:

Food and wine: Sardinian bigoli and capers, salted codfish with polenta and finally a slice of Pazientina cake.

History: The masterpieces that have made Giotto a world-famous artist.

Territory: From Piazza delle Erbe to the Basilica of Sant’Antonio da Padova, an itinerary to be discovered.