Echoes of a thousand battles in a wonderful medieval village

Montagnana is a timeless village that seems to be taken from a medieval tale, which has survived to the present day to tell us about its glorious past. It is located in the province of Padua, and we recommend you take it into consideration if you don't want to miss one of the pearls of the Veneto.

Coming to Montagnana from the countryside will immediately make you understand what we are talking about: you will be amazed. The imposing city walls that rise proudly in front of the city will immediately drag you into another era, made of ladies, knights, vassals, towers and castles.

The majestic walls are characterized by their regular route, which stands out for almost 2 km around the village, for its intact profile and the large green moat, the destination for long tourist walks.

But when were the bastions of Montagnana born? Let's take a step back to the 14th century, when this splendid architectural compendium comes to life among the numerous battles that regularly took place in that area. One name stands out in the history of the place: Esselino III, a ruthless leader who, around the middle of the thirteenth century, imposed his tyranny on various towns such as Trento, Verona, Brescia and Padua.

The ferocious tyrant burned and destroyed Montagnana, later erecting the keep of the Rocca di Zeno, the oldest fortified part. Since then the walls have perfectly fulfilled their task, and the village has been enriched with sumptuous palaces, art and beauty that have come down to us, giving us the opportunity to dream - and perhaps to savor with nostalgia - the wonder of eras that were never lived.


A land to discover:

History: immerse yourself in the charm of medieval culture and in the timeless history of the village of Montagnana.

Architecture: admire the perfect regularity of the city walls, an architectural pearl perfectly preserved up to the present day.

Nature: get lost in long walks around the wide moat and in the surrounding green meadows.




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