A walk in the nature of the Fimon lake

If you’re looking for an oasis to relax and geta way from crowded beaches, then you can take the Vicenza Ovest exit of the A4 Brescia Padova and take refuge in the middle of the beautiful panorama of Lake Fimon, a small mirror of water of glacial origin that contains millennia of geological transformations in a breathtaking landscape! It is located in the municipality of Arcugnano and is nestled between the Berici Hills and the Vicenza countryside: here you can rest on the benches overlooking the lake and observe the panorama around the stretch of water where, in some parts of the year, swans are also present.

The ring around Lake Fimon will allow you to organize a tour so as not to lose any perspective: you can go on foot or by bicycle. Around there are various marked trails for those who love trekking: in particular you can go and discover the archaeological route where you can find the traces of Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements found in these areas over a century ago! Artifacts such as ceramic elements, shells, ornamental tools and ancient burials have been found in the area: the path is suitable for children and you can accompany them on an Indiana Jones-style adventure!

At Lake Fimon you will find what you are looking for if you are also a lover of sport fishing, which you can also practice by climbing on some boats. Here you can find fish such as carps, tenches, pikes and eels. If you prefer to find fish and other typical dishes already on the table, all that remains is to choose one of the trattorias overlooking the lake and in the surrounding area where you can taste many delicacies such as sopressa, cod alla vicentina and the many varieties of typical risotto.

Are you ready for this experience? From the Vicenza Ovest toll booth, reach the Riviera Bianca junction of the Vicenza ring road and take the SP 88 to Torri di Arcugnano and continue from via Torri: from the toll booth it is only 20 minutes by car and, even if you are only passing through, stop for a break and relax before restarting your journey!


A land to discover:

Food and wine: The inns overlooking the lake with rice, soppressa and cod alla vicentina.

History: Neolithic and Bronze Age huts, signs of a millenary civilization.

Territory: The landscapes of the Berici Hills and the historic center of Vicenza just 13 km away.