San Biagio Island: the emotion of walking into lake Garda

Have you ever experienced the sensation of being able to get to an island by walking directly into the water? This summer you can do it by going to discover one of the jewels of the Brescia side of Lake Garda: the Island of San Biagio. Just over twenty minutes from the Desenzano exit of the A4 Brescia-Padova motorway, this place, unique for its landscape and conformation, is located opposite the town of Manerba. In addition to being reachable every month of the year by boat, it can be reached on foot in the summer months, taking advantage of the shallow water. Just dive for a few tens of centimeters and then walk the approximately 400 meters that separate the island from the mainland and that's it! Once you arrive, you can enjoy a relaxing day of leisure and relaxation by taking advantage of a deck chair, lying on the grass or drinking something cool between one bath and another thanks to the presence of a small bar.

The Island of San Biagio is also called "dei Conigli", meaning “The Island of the Rabbits”. In fact, it’s really easy to find these animals around but don't worry: they are used to live with people and will be a pleasant company! Exploring the surrounding environment creates a nice feeling of relaxation. In the center of the island there is a well-kept garden that invites you to take a pleasant walk among the cypresses and other trees.

The waters of the island are renowned in the environments for those who practice diving: they are very crystal clear and this allows for great visibility. Even for those who dive from here, the sensation is that of fully experiencing the naturalness of the place, swimming in the midst of a breathtaking scenery dominated by the so called Rocca di Manerba and by the other towns of the coast Valtenesi. In the moments of the year when it is not possible to reach the Isola dei Conigli on foot, there is still a boat connection service from Porto Torchio.

To end the day perfectly, we invite you to take a nice walk along the coast of Manerba and stay in one of its typical restaurants to taste the land and lake specialties of Garda.


A land to discover:

Food and wine: Carpione del Garda seasoned with local oil, accompanied by a good Lugana.

History: The evidence of the stilts and the medieval fortress of Manerba.

Territory: The vineyards and the strongholds of Valtenesi a stone's throw from the Benaco.