Uncontaminated nature and breathtaking landscapes between Verona and Trento

A green paradise of over ten thousand hectares, located between Verona, Monte Baldo and the Little Dolomites. A real jewel where you can lose and find yourself, absorbed in the most unspoiled nature.

This is the Lessinia Regional Park, whose beauty will conquer you at first sight. A variety of incredible colors and its geological and landscape features offer visitors a breathtaking spectacle that has few equals in the area. Dolines, caves and natural bridges give visitors the opportunity to admire numerous past landscapes in an iridescent territory full of surprises.

If you want to organize a long weekend out of town, we suggest you to plan a trip to discover its peculiarities, thus reserving the opportunity to calmly admire the symbolic and most characteristic places of this important green expanse. Start with a visit to the Corno d’Aquilio, an area characterized by steep escarpments and areas covered with thick woods, where you can also admire the Spluga della Preta, one of the most famous abysses in Europe.

And again, the Cascate della Molina, a naturalistic oasis full of beautiful landscapes. Also visit the Fumane Cave, a real archive of man's evolutionary history, where ancient artifacts, remains of mammals and hearths are housed, which even document the passage of the Neanderthal Man.

Finally, we suggest you to go to the park during the autumn season, the best time to admire the colors given off by nature. Are you ready to fall in love between the yellow of the trees and the red that dominates the vineyards?


Three good reasons to visit:

The Landscape: Over 820km² of land, between uncontaminated nature and different geological and geographical features to discover and admire.

Lessinia Gourmet: Lessinia is also synonymous with excellent food and culinary tradition: there are numerous events to attend during the autumn, all aimed at promoting the food and wine culture of the area

Wildlife: If you are an animal lover, the park has an extremely varied and interesting wildlife heritage