Magic and charm a few steps from Vicenza

Do you remember the magical chess battle from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”? You will therefore be happy to know that even in Italy, a few miles from Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa you can find the town of Marostica, an enchanted town where chess characters become real.

We are talking about one-of-a-kind event that is repeated only once every two years and falls, as usual, on the second weekend of September of even years. The show is hosted in the magnificent Piazza degli Scacchi, where it is possible not only to witness real battles between living pawns, but to relive one of the most beautiful historical and folkloric transpositions of the past of Marostica for an intire weekend.

A story that takes us back to 1454, when Marostica was part of the Republic of Venice, and tells of passionate loves and triangles, told in a picture made of period costumes, charming ladies and intrepid knights, jugglers and fire-breathing between intrigues and timeless love stories.

For game of chess fans it is also a real opportunity to see an "animated" transposition of some historical games, held on the occasion of the world championships or other important tournaments.

A place and a show where time seems to stand still, and where a pinch of magic and imagination animate an entire weekend and make the hearts beat…who will hardly believe their eyes. If you want to live this experience, all you have to do is to sign up for the weekend between 11th and 13th September 2020, and prepare yourself for a unique experience that, we are sure, you won’t easily forget!


Three good reasons:

La Piazza: The characteristic square in the center of Marostica, also called Piazza degli Scacchi, looks like a real giant marble chessboard.

The game: The traditional chess game recreated with living characters is one of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions in the city.

The Castle: The Lower Castle of Marostica, which rises right above the square, dates back to the 14th century and is definitely worth a visit.