Soave, a toast under the castle

If you are looking for a place to go that is really close to a toll booth, visiting Soave is the right solution! Half an hour from Verona and located along the motorway A4 Brescia-Padova, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy thanks to the wonderful medieval castle that still keep its beautiful and timeless charm.


You just need to climb the ridge of Monte Tenda to go back hundreds of years, enjoy a beautiful view and enter the historic village through the three ancient access gates. Inside the Soave castle there is the opportunity to stroll among the ramparts and its gardens, as well as go and rediscover the life of the past through the ancient keep and the objects kept in the house of the lord.


A truly pleasing village, so beautiful that it is said that Dante Alighieri himself called it this way, captured by so much harmony between the hand of man and the landscape, even on the subject food and wine. In fact, Soave boasts a prestigious winemaking tradition: the position of its hills allows to obtain a grape with a delicate taste such as Garganega which also translates into local wines: Recioto, with its characteristic golden yellow color, and Soave Doc, a still white that goes well with local dishes such as soups and noodles in broth with livers.


In fact, Soave also deserves a visit to the local wineries, so that you can choose some bottles to uncork once you return home from the trip. The choice is really wide among dozens of companies ready to welcome you even for a tasting (but not for the drivers!).


However, you cannot leave Soave if you haven’t visited the other wonders of this country: such as the thirteenth-century frescoes of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Bassanella and the Church of San Giorgio, or the fifteenth-century frescoes of Santa Maria dei Domenicani collected in a single nave. If you are ready to travel again, take the Soave-San Bonifacio exit of the A4 to take the opportunity to visit this wonder of Veneto!


A land to discover:


Food and wine: Soave and Recioto, unique flavors within the glass.


History: A name given by Dante Alighieri, the events of the Scaligeri and the Serenissima.


Territory: The hills of vineyards and cellars, Monte Tenda and its castle.