“Isola Sicura”: Road safety for the little ones

We teach children the responsability to drive

How can we teach children to drive with responsibility in the future? By playing, naturally! With the “Isola Sicura” project we have created a space where children can have fun while learning to recognize signs, lanes, pedestrian crossings and much more.

The initiative is dedicated to school-age children and wants to explain road safety through playful teaching.

Road safety has always been one of our priorities. Our main goal is to reach the most sensitive sections of the population, so we particularly pay attention to children and young people.

“Isola Sicura” therefore replicates the road context and its characteristics to offer children the possibility to drive with bicycles and push scooters in a protected environment. A tutor introduces them to the basic rules of road safety, as if they are playing a game: from the importance of wearing a seat belt to the respect of speed limits, from the consequences of using electronic devices while driving to the correct interpretation of road signs, etc.

The main purpose is to spread correct behaviors, habits and attitudes that can create awareness from a preventive point of view, as we choose to talk to future road users who are today's most exposed drivers.

Confirming this commitment, the Abertis Group, to which A4 Holding reports, has also signed with Unicef ​​the first and most significant international agreement on road safety for children.