Winter Operation Management

Our commitment to your safety, during winter too

Every year we adopt the Winter Services Protocol to guarantee the safety and fluidity of road traffic. Starting from November 15th, the operators and vehicles of the Winter Service Centers work on our motorways A4 Brescia Padova and A31 Valdastico to contrast the possible inconveniences associated with low temperatures, such as ice and snow.



Prepare your car 
  • Check the condition of the braking system: the level of the brake fluid and the wear of the pads and discs.
  • Make sure you have filled up the antifreeze liquid to protect the radiator and the windscreen washer system.
  • Free the windshield from ice and snow.
  • Inspect the battery status.
  • Check up the lighting system: headlights, arrows and fog lights.
Equip yourself at best 
  • Check that you have fitted winter tires or that you keep snow chains in the car.
  • Bring a scraper with you to remove ice from the windshield.
  • Be equipped with the safety kit: reflective red warning triangle and reflective vest.
Plan every detail
  • Consult the weather forecast in advance to know the expected scenarios.
  • Keep informed about road conditions in order to avoid possible traffic congestion.
  • Check for any road interruption or restrictions. You will be able to consider alternative routes before leaving.  
Adopt a safe driving style 
  • Keep a costant speed.
  • Maintain a greater safety distance.
  • Try to avoid sudden maneuvers, turns and hard braking.
  • Alternate the engine brake with the brake pedal, to slow down and prevent the car from skidding.
  • Always use a lower gear when going downhill for more traction.
  • Before a curve, gently reduce the car speed and keep a constant pace throughout the arc and when it ends.
Follow the information channels
  • Pay attention to variable-message signs;
  • Stay up to date on weather and traffic conditions by tuning into national radio stations or consult the “Viaggiare Informati” service.
What to do in case of emergency? 
  • During braking, in the event of locking or slipping of the wheels, release the brake pedal to regain adherence.
  • When the wheels do not adhere to the road due to snow, stop in a rest area and mount the snow chains.
  • If rain, snow or sleet affect the asphalt and visibility, find shelter in a service area or an emergency pitch.
  • In case of an incident, immediately call the emergency services (112)
  • In case of road interruption, stop at the Service Areas or Parking Areas along the motorway.


Snow risk areas

In case of snow warning on our motorways, the table below shows the routes exposed to a greater risk of precipitation and ice formation.


A4 Inizio competenza – Sirmione
(km 217+700 to km 251+700)
A4 Montecchio - Vicenza est
(km 321+000 to km 334+600 )
A31 Valdastico
(km 00+0000 to km 88+720)


A4 Soave – Montecchio
(km 302+800 to km 321+000)
A4 Sirmione – Sommacampagna
(km 251+700 to km 270+800)



A4 Sommacampagna - Soave
(km 270+800 to km 302+800)
A4 Vicenza Est – Fine competenza
(km 334+662 to km 363+723)

Obligation of winter tires or snow chains on board

Starting from November 15 2021 until April 15 2022, it is mandatory to fit winter tires or to have chains on board, even in the absence of snow. Customers found without them risk incurring penalties from a minimum of € 85 up to a maximum of € 338.

Winter operations

The Winter Services Protocol allows us to guarantee that our motorways A4 Brescia Padova and A31 Valdastico are always accessible, coordinating the most appropriate operations to effectively deal with intense frost and heavy snow.

Our objective: prevention

Based on the temperatures measured, fixed and mobile salt spreaders provide for preventive treatment of the motorway carriageways and service and parking areas, in order to avoid the pavement to freeze or the formation of ice. In the event of weather forecasts indicating possible intense snowfalls and snow accumulations, the vehicles and staff are ready to intervene in the most critical points.

Scheduling intervention

We are constantly informed about forecasts and the weather situation thanks to the sensors located along our routes and thanks to the reports provided by the bulletins issued by the Civil Protection. Throughout the winter season, the weather stations located along the A4 Brescia Padova and the A31 Valdastico provide real-time data on the weather situation.

Planning and coordination

Before starting the individual operations, every year we define the tasks, the executions methods and the areas of competence of the operational departments, of the salt spreaders and snow plows, planned by the Winter Services Protocol, summoning all the operators involved for training sessions, updates and simulations. We also prepare the safety plans to be adopted with the aim of protecting the operators and we take care of arrenging the treatments in respect of the surrounding environment.